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What is Mastermind?

The KLR Mastermind is a support program that KLR delivers to assist livestock producers to  implement the KLR system into their livestock business. There are a range of services delivered online and offline, which include a unique market report called the KLR 30 Second Market report, profit calculators, teleconferences as well as mentoring days in regional areas.

Take a few minutes of your time to see all the features of the KLR Mastermind below.

For those of you in the livestock industry who really want

  • To continuously profit from your livestock, regardless of market direction!!
  • Instant access to tools that you need to help you create those profits!
  • To be part of a group of producers that know how to market, profitably!!!
  • To be fully supported by the KLR Marketing team !
  • To be connected to the forefront of agriculture, networking with individuals in your industry !

What is KLR Mastermind ?!

The KLR Mastermind Group is the support network for KLR Marketing. The greatest benefits of being part of this network, is that you will have access to the vital tools that enable you to profit from your livestock, in any market!

“We, at KLR Marketing believe this can make such a difference to your business (as it has our own), we decided to develop a network of lasting value to give you the tools to ensure your success!”


So what are we offering?

  • Over 50 KLR Marketing 30 Second Sheep and Cattle Market Report Updated weekly
  • Over 20 KLR Profit Calculators for Breeders and Traders of Sheep and Cattle.
  • Regular Tele-Conference calls featuring Prominent Guest speakers
  •  Hours of Archived Telecalls
  • Weekly Newsletter by Email.
  • Group Tele Coaching Q&A. calls.
  • Online Video Resources and Training
  • Access to other KLR Mastermind Members
  • Online Sell/Buy/Agist platform to trade Inventory
  • Exclusive Members only Discussion Forum.
  • Exclusive Online Membership Website.
  • Each new member recievesover 45 ~ 1 hour cd's featuring Keynote Speakers
  • Repeat the KLR school for $440 inc gst.

Plus we hold Coaching and Mentoring days for Mastermind members in regional centres throughout the year.



KLR 30 Second Market Report

An industry first in helping you make decisions faster and more accurately than ever before, these 30 second market reports, give a clear and concise view of the market action.

In 30 seconds or less, you can determine what animals are overpriced and what animals are underpriced, what animals are for keeping and what animals are for selling! This  gives you knowledge that less than 2% of producers have and the ability to take advantage of opportunities others would have absolutely no idea about !

Uploaded on the same day of the sale, these reports monitor over 50 sheep & cattle markets across Australia.

The use of this information alone could be worth thousands of dollars to your business each year! Put it together with the KLR Mastermind Group membership – your support network - and who knows what could happen!

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